About Us

All Star Pediatric Care in Florida, offers committed pediatric services. Our top pediatrician, Dr. Sam A. Skaff, has gained a reputation for being attentive, compassionate, and always available to hundreds of patients and their families. Dr. Skaff's pediatric expertise has led him to many television appearances.

Know our Pediatrician and Pediatric Services

Personal Medical Care
Our company strives to provide the best care to parents and their children. Our personal medical care takes place in a relaxed environment. We encourage you to ask questions so we can thoroughly discuss your child's welfare. Dr. Skaff will always give time to address your concerns, even offering a round-the-clock answering service to ensure you receive the care that you need.

Affiliate Hospitals:

Joe DiMaggio Children Hospital and Memorial Hospital Miramar
All Star Pediatric Care has partnered with the award-winning Memorial Hospital Miramar, which is known for its outstanding, state-of-the-art facility. You are in good hands with them because they have a dedicated pediatric emergency room and a pediatric physical therapy department that is an extension of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood. Both facilities consistently receive the highest patient satisfaction scores in South Florida.

Accessibility and Convenience
Dr Skaff's office is located in the medical office building attached to Memorial Hospital Miramar. This offers convenience to patients and their busy parents who need lab work, X-rays, or diagnostic tests done. You will also have no problem with parking. 

Birthing Center

Memorial Hospital Miramar also has a beautiful family birthing center where Dr. Skaff see your new born shortly after birth . With the convenient location, he can easily do prenatal and newborn visits. During the visits, patients get to meet Dr. Skaff and his staff, all of whom share the commitment to the families.

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